Teaching Adults

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Teaching Adults: A beginner’s guide for Christian leaders by Colin Hurford.

Matthew Mbwana is an inspirational teacher who has called together a class of six students, each of a different race and background, to learn some basic principles of teaching adults. Matthew’s dream is to establish a simple course on adult education in the syllabus of the theological college where he works so it is imperative this pilot scheme is a success.

Topics covered are learning how to plan lessons, how to use different teaching methods and teaching aids, and how to cater for different learning styles. The students also learn what it means to be good teachers and how to assess the progress of their own students.

Some aspects of the course are unfamiliar and at times uncomfortable for some of the individuals, but the six students form close friendships with each other as well as a bond with their tutor as they discuss their difficulties and achievements.

Teaching Adults A beginner’s guide for Christian leaders is an excellent book to help those setting out on the journey to become teachers of adults. Well-written and expertly structured, the book enables readers to learn through examples from the students’ own situations. It cleverly demonstrates one of the course’s principles, namely learning through doing.

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