Steaming into History

Steaming into History: Footplate Tales of the Last Days of Western Steam by Michael Clutterbuck

Steaming into History is the second of Michael Clutterbuck’s Steaming Into series.

In this collection of short stories we are reacquainted with some familiar characters as well as meeting new ones. The stories tell the tale of some of the North West’s footplatemen following the Second World War, as the railways undergo a series of dramatic changes due to nationalisation, the introduction of diesel engines, and the slow but steady demise of the Age of Steam.

The combination of personal interest and fact-based tales of the railways will appeal to a wide range of readers – particularly, of course, those who have a fascination with the railways. The backdrop of a country slowly coming to after years of war and rationing makes an interesting setting for these stories, which trace the passage of time from the late 1940s well into the ’60s.)

Michael Clutterbuck’s first book, Steaming into the Firing Line, has stayed firmly within the top ten of its categories on Amazon since it was published in 2012 and has received many glowing reviews. This frequently requested sequel is already up alongside it in the Amazon ranks and will not disappoint.

Characters develop, lives move on, as does the United Kingdom and its railways. Each story tells a different tale in its own right but together they form something bigger and give the reader insight into an age now long past.

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