Stanley Gets a Guinea Pig


Stanley Gets a Guinea Pig by Sheila Hayes

Stanley is a little boy in need of a pet and he knows just what type of pet he wants. It has to be a guinea pig. He’s even decided what it will be called!

Along with his little sister Serena, Stanley goes for a holiday to stay with his Auntie Lois and Uncle Richard. Besides sampling Uncle Richard’s delicious cooking, the children learn all about taking good care of guinea pigs at Auntie Lois’s guinea pig hospital.

With Auntie Lois’s help, they even make their friend Harry’s guinea pig better. When they return home it’s time to get back to school but it is also nearly time for Stanley’s birthday. A big surprise awaits him, promising to make this Stanley’s best birthday ever.

Stanley Gets a Guinea Pig is a lovely, warm story accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

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