The Renwick Legacy

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In a time long past, the ruthless Lord Benjamin Renwick took great pleasure in exercising his power and control, instilling fear in the hearts of all who knew him. Until one day, he, his entourage and his gamekeeper caused the death of a young village boy.

The angry villagers rose up against Lord Renwick by executing the gamekeeper John Able.

A violent conflict ensued, seeing the villagers entombed in a nearby cave, with no way of escape, their lives seemingly at an end.

But what became of these villagers? Above ground they were forgotten but deep below the land of the Renwick estate, the resilient villagers of Stortly lived on.

Generations later, survivors of this strange underground society come back to the surface, causing fear and havoc among the present day townsfolk of Stortly.

The Renwick Legacy is available in print and as a Kindle ebook. You can find out more about author Mike Jones by clicking here.

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