More From the Longmynd Adventure Camp, and Me

More From the Longmynd Adventure Camp, and Me by Alan Scriven MBE
The follow-up to The Longmynd Adventure Camp and Me, this is an equally entertaining, and at times moving, account of this wonderful venture which arose from the kindness and generosity of a Shropshire policeman and his family in the 1950s.

Since then the Longmynd Adventure Camp has provided unforgettable experiences for countless boys who may otherwise have never had a holiday, never mind hunted a whifflepoof or encountered the ghosts of a pair of tragic lovers.

Author Alan Scriven was awarded an MBE for the 33 years he was involved with the Longmynd Adventure Camp. His enthusiasm and passion for the place, and the people who helped make this dream come alive, shine through.

While the camps were just ten days long, correspondence, newspaper articles and contemporary accounts from some of the voluntary members of staff help provide a full and colourful picture of the extraordinary amount of work and commitment required year-round to make sure not only that the camps could take place but that they were safe, fun and unforgettable for the boys who were lucky enough to attend.