Little White Lies

9780993487002-PerfectLittle White Lies by Carol Burns

Caitlin McCall is hot on the trail of her first exclusive story. She knows it’s a good one: her contact has turned up dead.

She doesn’t mind going out on a limb for a front page story, but with the corpses beginning to pile up, a break-in or two, and her very own stalker, Caitlin quickly finds herself out of her depth and out of luck. All of this just as two new men arrive in her life. She can handle Tom, the policeman who thinks she might know more than she’s letting on, but Henry is quite another matter.

Written in the days before Twitter and 24-hour-news websites, when newspaper journalists broke the news, Little White Lies is a fast-paced comedy about trying to pull off the scoop of the century without ending up dead.

Author Carol Burns is a journalist-turned-writer who, like Caitlin, began her career in regional newspapers.