Little Story’s Story Book

Little Story’s Story Book by Lily and Matthew Young

Little Story is a Mummy, a Daddy, a Grandma and a Grandpa.

Little Story has children all over the world. Pups, cubs, kittens, tadpoles and even human being babies.

Every night, when Little Story gets the children ready for bed in a den, a cave, a swamp or a house, the children always ask the same question.

‘Can I have one more story please? Just a little one, a quick one. One more little story, please?’

And because Little Story loves the children another story is always told.

Little Stories are a highly original take on the origins of some of the world’s animals.

Have you ever wondered why crocodiles only need to eat once a year? Have you ever wondered why lemurs have thirteen rings on their tails?

Find out the answers to these and many more questions in Little Story’s Story Book.

Little Stories are highly original, entertaining and heart-warming. They are perfect for those last minute tales at bedtime, for children and adults alike.

The Little Stories have been written by daughter and father team, Lily and Matthew Young. Many of the stories were written during nine-year-old Lily’s regular stays in hospital. The stories have kept Lily and Matthew, and the rest of their family, entertained and amused during some difficult times. Lily has also provided the beautiful, colourful illustrations.

For each sale of Little Story’s Story Book, a donation will be made to the UK’s Starlight Children’s Foundation: Starlight is a fantastic children’s charity, granting wishes to seriously and terminally ill children and entertaining over half a million children every year in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.

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