A Life Well Loved

A Life Well Loved by Sasha Czernmawicz

Timid boy. Insecure teenager. Successful student. High-flying businessman. Promiscuous lover. Reluctant father. Adulterous husband. Lonely divorcee. Dying man.

Sasha Czernmawicz has a story to tell. He is a man with a compulsive personality, whose life has revolved around his obsessions. Since his formative years when he was bullied for his Polish background, he has been fixated with being liked and accepted. His less than salubrious beginnings have made him determined to be financially secure. The sacrifices his parents made and the work ethic they instilled in him mean he has been consumed by a desire to succeed in all he undertakes.

Perhaps above all of this, however, throughout his life, Sasha Czernmawicz has been a man obsessed with sex.

A Life Well Loved is Sasha’s own candid account of a life well-lived but often fraught with selfish acts and rash decisions.

As he comes to terms with his own demise, Sasha looks back on his exploits – sometimes with fondness and humour, sometimes regret – and reflects upon the path he chose and its apparently inevitably lonely destination.

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