Fallen Blood, Broken Love

Fallen Blood, Broken Love by Markus Dune

Fallen Blood Broken Love - Markus Dune  Vampires are legendary. Tales differ but most say they are strong and powerful. They are killers.

Jake Dunmer is a fourteen-year-old with more than his fair share of problems: money is scarce at home, girls laugh at him, his best friend Danny won’t be seen with him at school and he is bullied on a daily basis by the ever-persistent Thomas.

When his younger brother becomes the focus of Thomas’s bullying, Jake knows he has to do something, but what chance does he have against the boy who has it all?

Jake finds his life spiralling out of control and attempts to run away from it all, only to encounter a stranger who might just have the answer to his problems; if he is brave enough to take the risk…

Fallen Blood, Broken Love is available in print (£6.99) and digital (£1.99) formats, on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, and a whole range of ereaders.