Dead Next Tuesday

Dead Next Tuesday by John P Gibson. 

If you only had a week to live, what would you do?

Ed Porteneau is a nerdy 28-year-old who lives an uninspiring life in a rundown apartment in a suburb of Seattle. He works as a Produce Manager in a general store, for a boss he despises. He has a best friend who beats him hands-down in the nerdiness stakes, and his social life consists of playing on his Xbox, visits to comic book stores, and daily phone calls from his overbearing mother.

Not so different to many other nerds his age.
There is one major difference though, and this is that Ed knows when he is going to die.

He is given seven days’ notice and he decides to make the best of the time he has left. He needs a plan and decides to create himself a ‘bucket list’, made up of seven highly ambitious items. One for each day he has left.

During the following few days, as he attempts to complete his list, Ed finds himself in one highly unusual situation after another. Some thrilling, some scary, some funny, and some downright embarrassing.

Is there any way Ed can complete his list on time?

Whatever the outcome, he is guaranteed the week of his life.

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