My Crazy Uncle Walter

My Crazy Uncle Walter by Peter M. Clutterbuck

My Crazy Uncle Walter is the tale of 14-year-old Australian Joseph Johnstone and the summer his ‘crazy uncle’, better-known to some as a conman, came to visit.

The story is told with a hint of nostalgia, by the now elderly Joe to his 15-year-old neighbour Sarah.

Sarah is spellbound by the tale, watching and listening as Joe is transported back to the long, hot summer when he became involved in the world of confidence trickery.

The young Joe was equally enthralled by his exciting, unpredictable uncle. He tells Sarah many tales of the types of scams Walter pulled, and also how Walter helped him defeat a school enemy.

As Joe’s tale unwinds, Sarah begins to see that Walter’s way of life was not as attractive or exciting as it first seemed and that it cost him and his family dearly. She even starts to appreciate her own family, if only a little.

However, there is a great deal of love and affection in the story and readers will be drawn to the charismatic Uncle Walter, despite his many flaws.

My Crazy Uncle Walter is a very enjoyable, thought-provoking tale of life in a bygone age which still holds great appeal today.

The primary age group for My Crazy Uncle Walter is teenage, 13 – 17. However, many older readers will also enjoy this story.

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