Changing Times: Quality for Humans in a Digital Age

Changing Times: Quality for Humans in a Digital Age by Rich Rogers

As technology becomes increasingly important in our lives, so does the question of quality.
Sports journalist Kim Harris increasingly relies on the websites, apps and devices which affect her life. Sometimes they help and sometimes they hinder; sometimes they are fun and sometimes they frustrate. Sometimes they seem designed to prevent her doing the things she wants to do.

Illustrated through Kim’s experiences, Changing Times explores the complex relationship between humans and technology. What affects that relationship? How does each of us determine what we like and don’t like about the technology we use? Does the work which goes into its development address the needs of real people?

A book about technology – but more importantly about the people who create it, and the people who use it – Changing Times provides insights about what quality means in our digital age.

“The gap between people in technology development and their customers is wide. To bridge this gap, Rich has made technology challenges real to us in an everyday context… this book will help you better understand the wonderful and sometimes confusing world of technology quality.” Tony Bailey, CEO, AccessHQ

“They say quality is ‘value to some person’. If that’s indeed true, then this book is quality to me! A book for tech newbies through to tech enthusiasts, Changing Times provides grounded perspective on an often misguided subject.” David Greenlees, author of Software Testing as a Martial Art