Chalk It Up

CIU_cover_EBOOKChalk It Up by Peter M. Clutterbuck 

A set of entertaining short stories written by international educational author and retired teacher, Peter M. Clutterbuck. 

Based around the lives of teachers, their interactions with students and colleagues, and the sometimes unusual situations they find themselves in as a result of their work, the stories in this brilliant collection throw a light on what it means to be a teacher, as well as highlighting how the profession has changed over the last few decades. 

Readers will quickly warm to the book’s characters as the tales – sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes sad, often funny – unfold. 

Peter M. Clutterbuck was a teacher for over 40 years. His closeness to the subject and firsthand experience of the types of characters portrayed in the stories is clear from the realism and sensitivity evident throughout the book. 

While the stories will appeal to those familiar with the profession, Chalk It Up is by no means just for teachers. It offers all readers a fascinating insight into the challenging world of education.