Believe-in Your Wings of Change by S.V. Davies

Believe-in Your Wings of Change by S.V. Davies

Working to help children find their inner strengthcourage and resilience to overcome difficult life situations.

Sammy has experienced a lot of change in the past two years. Health problems have led to hair loss and time off school, and now there are a lot of new changes to worry about.

With the help of yoga, Sammy and friends learn about the natural phenomenon of change, through yoga movements, breathing exercises and mindfulness.

During the term, Sammy is faced with further changes in school and at home. Using the techniques learned during the yoga lessons, Sammy is able to explore the thoughts and feelings associated with change and gradually learns to manage this anxiety.

Yoga and nature together help Sammy and the rest of the class understand that if we trust and Believe-in change, we can all find our butterfly wings to fly confidently into our new beginnings!