Araksi and the German Consul

 Araksi and the German Consul by Carlos José Saenz

It is spring 1915. Araksi, a 19-year-old Armenian, and her family, living in Erzurum near the Turkey-Russia border, are yet to feel the effects of the First World War.
In fact, life seems settled and safe. The family are well off and highly respected in their community. Araksi is happily employed as a teacher and is engaged to be married to impetuous young lawyer Diran.

A new German Consul arrives in the shape of young, ambitious Max von Swirsden-Righe – a lieutenant in the German army. Whilst his wife waits faithfully in Munich for his return, Max engages in a dangerous mission to take his troops across the mountains of northwest Persia in order to push back Russian troops.

Araksi and the German Consul is the tale of how these two very different characters find their lives entwined amidst the dark days of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey and leading up to the rise of National Socialism in Germany.

This is a strong, moving and engaging tale rooted deeply in the real events of history. It is a thought-provoking account of how the future can be shaped by the effect of events on the individuals involved and how history tragically repeats itself.