Amongst Friends

amongst_friends_cover_kindleGreat British fiction that starts with a bang.

Lee, Mike and Anna were four years old when they met, and set to be friends for life… but it’s never easy in a group of three.

Amongst Friends turns traditional story-telling on its head, beginning with the dramatic end to the friends’ story and tracing step-by-step back through the twists and turns of fate and fortune.

Hormones, love, family, abusive relationships, and ultimately betrayal and revenge, all have a part to play, culminating in the explosive conclusion to a complicated three-way friendship.

Set in Bristol, Amongst Friends covers a period of over twenty years, from 2003 all the way back to 1981. The tone is set from the start, with a breathtaking act of revenge, and the story winds its way through the key events which have led the characters to the end of an enduring friendship.

Available exclusively on Kindle until November 2016.