A Second Chance Summer: Book One in the Coming Back to Cornwall Series

A Second Chance Summer by Katharine E. Smith

Alice knows that coming back to Cornwall means she will have to see Sam, the man she fell in love with aged 18. How will he react to her return, and what changes have the intervening ten years meant for them both?

Still recovering from a toxic relationship, Alice realises she has allowed life to become too predictable, while Julie has just ended things with the man she was due to marry. The two friends decide to throw caution to the wind; coming back to Cornwall, where they spent a long, happy summer before life got serious. As they return to the same small flat in the centre of town, and seasonal jobs at the Sail Loft Hotel, Alice harbours both hopes and fears of finding Sam, while Julie is determined to enjoy the freedom she’s been missing.

A lot can change in ten years, though, as their friend Luke – now a handsome, successful businessman – proves. Back in Cornwall himself to spend time with his seriously ill mum, he and Julie form a close relationship. Alice is worried that her friend is making a huge mistake and, all-but-abandoned, starts to spend time with single mum Casey.

Sam, meanwhile, proves elusive but slowly reveals that, although he appears not to have changed at all, the previous decade has been eventful for him, too.

It’s not all about the boys, though. Alice and Julie’s strong, honest friendship will quickly draw you to them. Alice can be opinionated, Julie reckless, but both are quick-witted, funny, warm and ambitious.

The county of Cornwall, famous for its rugged coastlines, glorious beaches and picturesque harbour towns, provides a vivid backdrop for the perfectly paced beginning of this cracking new series.

Is it possible to relive the best time of your life? Alice and Julie are about to find out.

Book Two of the series will be out in Spring 2018 with the final book scheduled for release later the same year.