Feedback from Heddon Publishing Authors

Here is what some of our authors have to say about their experience with Heddon Publishing:

Jan Pryor, author of After Alexander: The Legacy of a Son:

“Katharine has been absolutely wonderful to work with as an author. She is encouraging, informed, and consistently helpful.  Thanks to her I have a lovely book published world wide.  I recommend her highly for anyone including those not in the UK.”

Michael Clutterbuck, author of Steaming into the Firing Line,  Steaming into History and Steaming into the North West:

“I came across Heddon Publishing when searching on the Internet for a publisher to consider a book I had prepared. Katharine Smith, the editor, provided me with the kind of service I had not experienced with the many other publishers I had approached. Her appraisal of my manuscript was both honest and speedy, and her charges were very reasonable. Since accepting my manuscript for publication as an e-book, her continued work in editing and marketing has been nothing short of excellent. As a direct result of her efforts, the book has had gratifying sales figures. She has also undertaken the preparation necessary for producing the book as a hard copy. All in all, she has constantly kept me in the picture regarding sales progress, and I consider myself exceedingly fortunate to be involved with her company.”

Peter M. Clutterbuck, author of The Downunder Kid, My Crazy Uncle Walter and Chalk It Up:

“I was introduced to Heddon by my cousin Michael who had written a successful book, Steaming Into the Firing Line. Although this kind of publishing is new to me I have found it to be an excellent and secure way to have your book published. The Editor, Katharine Smith, is herself a talented author so is well able to provide you with a realistic assessment of your manuscript and give valuable advice and assistance to ensure your publication is of highly professional nature. From the moment your book is accepted, Katharine provides  personalised service and editorial advice, yet you remain firmly in control of your story at all times.”


John P Gibson, author of Dead Next Tuesday:

“Excellent service and a keen insight to the industry, Katharine Smith and Heddon Publishing bring with it the expertise one expects in such a competitive business. I was more than fortunate to have been introduced through a friend here in Portugal. Our relationship has grown and now become very comfortable when dealing with the finer points of the literary world. Without the help of Katharine I would have been lost in the maze that the publishing world has become for a novice as myself. ‘Dead Next Tuesday’ my first book with Heddon Publishing has been getting great reviews and I owe it all to Katharine and her expertise in her field. I look forward to getting more of my books to her for her artistic flare in the near future.”

Josie Goodbody, author of The Diamond Connection:

“I came to Kath and Heddon after more than two years working on my first novel wanting to have it edited, proofread and then published! No small task… Kath went over and above the contract we had in holding my hand through what has been an exciting but stressful experience being a first time author.  Always at the end of the phone or email to answer my innumerable questions and panics! I really don’t think I would be here now with a book in my hand after two very successful London launches if it were not for her.  She has also given me the confidence to start my next one and the plan to complete it in a much quicker timescale as I know that at the end of the day she will again be there to help me through the final stages.”

Sheila Hayes, author of Stanley Gets a Guinea Pig:

“For all new authors –  if you need expert professional advice and help I strongly recommend you contact Katharine Smith who owns Heddon Publishing.

I have just written my first children’s book and I was helped all along the way by Katharine.  My book was proof-read and the layout and some suggestions were made which greatly added to the quality of this book. Then came the presentation and beautiful fantastic illustrations she arranged via a professional illustrator colleague.

She turned my little book into the most eye catching and attractive storybook.  Most important the price was affordable unlike a lot of online Publishers I had contacted along the way, whose price one could never afford in the gamble to get started.

She is always there to help with any queries and is a pleasure to work with and learn from. I hope our working relationship continues for a long time to come.”

Phil Phoenix, author of Jet!:

“As a struggling author, (aren’t we all) I signed up with Heddon some months ago, and as a company, they must be among the top few that are capable of carrying out a seamless operation. To my amazement, and delight, during the processing of my novel JET!, Kath Smith has done what I can only describe as a masterpiece of publishing. I am very pleased with what Heddon have done so far.

Being cost effective is another accolade. I’ve had offers from other publishers between three and five times as much as Heddon have charged me, so you can see for yourself that Heddon’s pricing is very reasonable.

Would I recommend Heddon to others? Without hesitation, yes!”

Roderick Shaw, author of No Picnic for Sam

“Katharine Smith’s editing and formatting of my work proved invaluable and brought my manuscript to life. Her enthusiasm, and dedication to the task was top quality and I would be glad to recommend her to any writer.”

Claudia de Verteuil, author of Paradise Plums and Cocoa Beans

“Heddon Publishing ticked all the boxes for me with my publication of Paradise Plums and Cocoa Beans. I received the right combination of advice and support through the whole process and felt that every effort was taken by Katharine Smith, the editor, to ‘get it right’. I was consulted and included in every decision and felt part of the process from start to finish. The editing, formatting and visual presentation was spot on. I feel very happy to recommend Heddon Publishing to other aspiring authors.”

Alan Scriven, author of The Longmynd Adventure Camp and Me

“I have enormous pleasure in submitting the following Testimonial, with regard to my working experience with Katharine Smith (Heddon Publishing):

Finally, I considered that my “book” (which it wasn’t at that point. It was merely a dream I had clung to for a few years) was complete. All the hard work researching my subject – a registered Childrens Charity, and my own life throughout the time I was involved with it – was over………or so I thought!

I contacted Heddon Publishing, chosen purposely because a friend of mine told me that a mutual friend had had his work published by them, and was glad that he had.
In no time at all I received a reply from Katharine Smith. It was a very professional response, but I detected a ‘warmth and sincerity’ in her words of encouragement. She said she would be delighted to have a look at my work with a view to publishing. My “dream” was sent via Drop Box immediately.
A few days later Katharine contacted me again, saying that she considered my work would make an excellent book. She then made several suggestions regarding the editing and re-hashing of it and asked if I would like her to “have a go” at it, then return it for my perusal and consideration. I agreed, and Katharine got to work. The finished manuscript was amazing!! I was delighted, to say the least.
I am indebted to Katharine Smith for her hard work; commitment, and professionalism in getting my book ready for our agreed publication date. I couldn’t have done it without her……..Thank you Kath, again. I will always be grateful.
Katharine also gave me a couple of ideas for my second book, which I have started. Needless to say; I will be returning to Kath, and Heddon Publishing when this latest project is ready for her most valuable experience and know-how.
In closing, I would just like to say that although she was (and is) working with many other authors (because that’s what I now am), Katharine Smith made me feel like I was the only one.
I absolutely recommend Heddon Publishing to anyone who is thinking about getting their work published.”