Cover Design

As with all aspects of independent publishing, your cover is a key element. It is the first thing potential readers will see if they’re searching a website for something new. It should be eye-catching, well proportioned, and professionally presented. When you publish with Heddon, although we are more than happy to advise, all decisions on cover design will be yours.

Some authors come to us with their own design, which we can then adapt into a print-ready and ebook design. Others have artwork which they would like to use on a cover, but need help creating this. Many – in fact most – authors come with open minds and some ideas of how they would like their cover to look but need to start from scratch.

Since 2014, we have partnered with Catherine Clarke Design as our cover designer of choice. This is not to say that an author cannot choose a designer themselves but the majority of authors who have published with us have worked closely, and very happily, with Catherine. Like Heddon Publishing, Catherine is a Partner Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, so has been thoroughly vetted and approved. She has produced a huge range of individual, original and very high quality covers, to meet a wide range of requirements. You can view a selection of her work below.