Sheila Hayes

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 14.12.05Sheila Hayes was born in Darlington, Co.Durham and was educated at a small Girls School until the family moved to Leeds in Yorkshire, where she continued her education and eventually met her husband.  She started her career with a global company as a Secretary/PA at the Northern Head Office which was based in Harrogate, where Sheila has lived for 40 years.

Sheila’s hobbies include travel, china painting, international cookery, cake decorating and crown green bowling.

Sheila has travelled the world, loves experiencing different cultures and is proud of her multinational family which includes American and Thai daughters-in-law.


Sheila started writing Stanley Gets a Guinea Pig four years ago with her two small grandchildren in mind. However, she decided to put it on hold. Then one night at bedtime her grandchildren were asking for a new bedtime book so she decided to test out her own story. They asked for it time and time again which made Sheila realise that the book had more value than she’d originally thought.

Sheila noticed that some of the books the children were reading had plenty of pictures but not much script or storyline to fire their imaginations. She decided to look into the possibility of publishing Stanley and found Heddon Publishing who gave her the guidance she needed and the confidence to go ahead.

Stanley Gets a Guinea Pig is Sheila’s first published book but she is working on other stories, with further adventures in store for Stanley and Serena.