Peter M. Clutterbuck

Peter Clutterbuck is the Australian-born son of a Welshman who left the UK for Australia in 1916.

A primary school teacher by trade, Peter has had over 300 books published ‘Downunder’ and many internationally. These range from educational texts, many of which have been translated into languages such as Mandarin, Russian and German, to works of fiction, and even a joke book with famous Australians’ favourite jokes.

Peter’s Books:

The Downunder Kid by Michael ClutterbuckThe Downunder Kid is an excellent example of Peter’s skill as a writer and his understanding of children, school life, and humour. It is suitable for older primary age children.






COVERNEWlowres2My Crazy Uncle Walter is written for a teen readership and again illustrates Peter’s excellent writing skills plus his ability to understand the younger (and older) mind.





Chalk it Up is a collection of short stories about teaching – a subject Peter is well-versed in. The stories are very much Australian but many of the themes will resonate across the globe.