Michael Clutterbuck

The son of a railwayman, Mike was born and brought up in Chester. He was educated at the King’s School then at Manchester University, where he trained as a MIKEteacher. He spent four years in Hamburg before migrating with his wife to their current home of Melbourne.

Mike has taught at universities and schools in England, Germany, Australia and, briefly, in Saudi Arabia. He has written books on German grammar and English ESL topics.

The Steaming Into series combines Mike’s passion for and knowledge of steam rail travel with a personal touch as Mike’s father was himself a railway man.


Steaming into the Firing Line by Michael ClutterbuckSteaming into the Firing Line is Mike’s first work of fiction. He is a keen railway modeller and sees himself as a modern day Fat Controller.



Steaming into History - Michael ClutterbuckSteaming into History is Mike’s second book; an often-requested sequel to the above, which is proving just as popular.



Steaming into the Heyday takes readers back to the younger years of both the railways and George Denton – the Driver popular with readers of Steaming into the Firing Line and Steaming into History.



Steaming into the North West takes readers away from the GWR, and onto the LNWR – or the Premier Line, as it was known. The new version, released on June 5th 2017, has been extended to include an extra ten stories, bringing the book into line with the others from the Steaming Into series, which all include twenty short stories.