Mel Wells

Mel Wells was born in The Pas Manitoba. He is part Chippewa, with ancestry from Ontario. Mel has links to some native reserves in western Canada, taking in their Pow-wow, including some Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Mel says with a degree of humility that he has been sober in AA for more than 40 years.

Throughout his long life, Mel has worked in many traditional industries, including as a ranch hand, handling skidding horses in logging camps, and in underground mines. Later as a fully qualified auto mechanic, Mel operated his own garage.

After ten years in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Mel moved to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island with his wife Marguerite and their daughter Grace. They lived there for 15 years.

Having been widowed in the year 2000, Mel now lives on the waterfront near Union Bay, on the edge of the Comox Valley.

Inspired by his new partner, Anna, to write down some of his amazing stories and experiences, Mel is pleased to present a whole set of tales filled with tradition, excitement and heritage.

What's_One_More-_Cover_for_KindleWhat’s One More? is just the beginning.