Lindzi Stewart

Lindzi has worked within schools and police forces across the UK and Caribbean.

A proud Northern Lass who, after gaining a BSc (Hons) Applied Science and Forensic Measurement degree and a PGCE, relocated down south as a scenes of crime officer and forensic awareness trainer for Hertfordshire Police.

She moved to the Cayman Islands and enjoyed the unique, surreal life, particularly on the beautiful smaller sister island of Cayman Brac, where her husband was the only police community officer.  For four years the couple were fully involved in local life. Lindzi was sworn in as a special officer and worked for the Royal Cayman Islands Police as a forensic specialist, in addition to working with her husband to create and produce a monthly police newsletter, ‘Around the Bluff’. Not someone to sit still, Lindzi taught primary school children, ran her own ‘Caribbean Breeze’ private tuition business, as well as creating a children’s activity club at a hotel. She was also involved as a crew member, assistant to the producer, and the studio teacher for the principal child actor in the movie Cayman Went, appearing in several scenes as an extra… featuring her own little secret bump growing!

She adapted to many challenges living in the Caribbean, including hurricanes such as the catastrophic Ivan in 2004, earthquakes, mosquitoes and sand flies, whelks and weevils, and remembering to check her mudslide cocktail for a cockroach taking a swim! The more welcome encounters included the barge bringing fresh produce from the big island, spotting satellites and shooting stars, and curious local wildlife that would often visit her cottage garden home, even if the noisy parrots took bites out of the mangoes.

After all of her adventures, she has finally unpacked and settled in Shropshire, where she works at a local school and, despite juggling a very busy family life, has started to write. A Flying Visit is her first book.

And, pet, …she still has her northern accent!

You can contact Lindzi by email: and find her on Facebook too!