Jeanie Palfrey

When Jeanie was asked what she would really like to do next, she replied that she would like to write a children’s book, and make models of the characters to create the illustrations from. She wasn’t quite sure how that would work, but that is what popped into her head.

Having been a mature student at art college when her two children were young, gaining HND Design Modelmaking and BA(Hons) Costume for Screen and Stage, she had then immersed herself in designing and making costumes for ten years for First Position School of Dance in Bournemouth, where her children trained with Miss Natalie Pearl. But when Hattie and Lewis flew the nest to train as professional dancers in London, she was in need of a new direction. Hence Amy had asked that question.

So, leaving behind the costume making, and seventeen years as a Creative Artist in a day hospice, a life-changing move from Dorset to Shropshire with husband Trev presented her with the opportunity to do what she really wanted to do next. And she worked on a technique to achieve it:

The creation of each character begins with the written description within the story. From this, a rough sketch is drawn as a guide to making a soft sculpture model. This can then be posed and photographed, outlines traced, and black and white illustrations produced in an individual style.

Happily, this keeps her off the streets and out of trouble.